12.02.-13.02.17 - Changelog

Автор Norin3ko, Февраль 13, 2017, 09:40:04 am

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12.02.-13.02.17 - Changelog

[Legion] Core/Creatures: Fixed rare issue where some creatures refused to die :).
[Legion] Core/Scripting: Fixed DH Brutarg Brutal Impact.
[Legion] Core/SQL: Fixed AreaTriggers for Mardum and Auchindoun.
[Legion] Core/Unit: Fix crash
[Legion] Scripts/Druid: Fix crash on spel shred
[Legion] Core/Areatriggers: Moved AT handling to MiscId. Fixed TimeToTargetScale field...
[Legion] Core/Spells: Send Client Effects attribute aura to client.
[Legion] Core/Scripting: Added AI hook for Auras removed for caster / target. Extended...
[Legion] Corrected event.
[Legion] Core/Player: Fix gather skill points on professions after last gathering node...
[Legion] Missing changes from last TC commit, a crap blame of SourceTree
[Legion] [TC] Core/GameObjects: Enable using GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_GATHERING_NODE
[Legion] Core/Spells: Fix aura crash on UpdateOwner
[Legion] Scripts/Priest: Fixed spell Void Eruption
[Legion] Scripts/Priest: Fixed spell Void Bolt
[Legion] Scripts/Priest: Fixed spell Silence.
[Legion] Core/Guild: Fix possible crash
[Legion] Core/Guild: Added guid check on guild query news handler
[Legion] Fix wrong deleted check on LootMgr
[Legion] Missing change of last fix build commit, sorry
[Legion] DB/Misc: Updated druid and warlock initial spells, and fixed wrong button on ...
[Legion] Core/Player: Fixed SendSupercededSpell wrong logic, fixes riding and professi...
[Legion] Update
[Legion] Core: fix aura 422 (absorb pct)
[Legion] Core: fix 393,414 auras. Deflecting pct
[Legion] Correct
[Legion] Core: fix auras 371 355 476