13.02.-14.02.17 - Changelog

Автор Norin3ko, Февраль 16, 2017, 06:54:11 pm

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13.02.-14.02.17 - Changelog

[Legion] Core/Auras: Fixed knock back immune on player on flying mounts
[Legion] Core/Conf: Add Multibox Check System disable option.
[Legion] DB/Trainers: Added Wisdom of the Four Winds flight permission spell to Pandar...
[Legion] Correct name of SQL
[Legion] Fix MSVC 2013 compatibility
[Legion] Correct naming of SQLs.
[Legion] DB/Trainers: Fixed all flying trainers
[Legion] Scripts/Mage: Implement almost all mage spells.
[Legion] DB/Spells: Cleanup of some spell_script_names deprecated.
[Legion] Fix SQL
[Legion] DB/sai Fixed all azsuna rares hostile
[Legion] DB/Gossip: Deleted deprecated gossip menu option "Purchase a Dual Talent Spec...
[Legion] DB/Trainers: Fixed all primary profession trainers
[Legion] DB/Trainers: Fixed all secondary profession trainers
[Legion] Another fix typo, a wrong SpellID, please readd SQL
[Legion] Core/Powers: Fix casting more than once same spell on SPELL_AURA_TRIGGER_SPEL...
[Legion] DB/sai fixed all Western_plaguelands2 legion rare elite
[Legion] Core/Spells: Dont handle effects without target and fix typo. Also fix AURA_S...
[Legion] Core/Auras: Define some new auras and remove deprecated auras.
[Legion] Core/Player: Update mana regen to legion and fix aura SPELL_AURA_MOD_RATING_PCT.
[Legion] [TC] Core/Creature: implement INHABIT_ROOT to apply UNIT_STATE_ROOT to creature
[Legion] DB/sai fixed all Western plaguelands legion rare elite
[Legion] DB/sai fixed all misc-legion zones rare elite
[Legion] DB/sai Fixed all the nighthold rare elite
[Legion] DB/sai Fixed all the maelstrom rare elite
[Legion] DB/sai fixed all eye of azshara rare elite
[Legion] DB/sai fixed all cape of stranglethor rare elite
[Legion] DC/sai fixed all the arcway rare elite
[Legion] DB/sai fixed all suramar rare elite
[Legion] DB/Trainers: Changed reference id for gathering profession trainers, forgot t...
[Legion] DB/sai fixed all stormheim rare elite
[Legion] DB/sai fixed all neltharions lair rare elite
[Legion] DB/SAI: Fixed all darkheart thicket rare elite
[Legion] DB/Pandaria: A lot of stuff for Pandaria: gossips, npc_text, npc_vendor, crea..
[Legion] DB/SAI Fixed Azsuna rare elites
[Legion] Fix some typos from last SQL
[Legion] DB/Trainers: Fixed all gathering profession trainers
[Legion] Core/Movement: Fixed MoveCharge handling and triggered spells casting.
[Legion] Core/AreaTriggers: Fixed AreaTrigger scripts loading.
[Legion] Scripts/Priest: Fixed spell Shadow Word: Death
[Legion] Scripts/Priest: Fixed spell Dispersion.