15.02.-16.02.17 - Changelog

Автор Norin3ko, Февраль 16, 2017, 06:54:52 pm

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15.02.-16.02.17 - Changelog

[Legion] Core/Artifacts: Hopefully fixed bug with artifact knowledge level display.
[Legion] Revert partially.
[Legion] Core/Spells: Restore Red Thirst.
[Legion] Core/Artifacts: Fix finally swapping specs with artifacts.
[Legion] Build + warning fix.
[Legion] Core/Scripts: Updated Pet and Dreanor scripts to codestyle standard and new R...
[Legion] Core/Player: Fixed warning.
[Legion] Scripts/Priest: Fixerd spell Mania
[Legion] Revert last, is good. Fixed warning.
[Legion] Fixed build.
[Legion] Scripts/Priest: Update Shadowy Apparitions
[Legion] Scripts/Priest: Fixed spell Mind Sear
[Legion] Core/Scripts: Fixed some scripts using deprecated rooted flag (now UNIT_FLAG_...
[Legion] Corrected mrrggll and FORM_METORPHOSIS model.
[Legion] Warrior: Anger Managment correction
[Legion] Warlock: fix pet firebolt/doombolt dmg increase
[Legion] Core/Currency: Added Currency Type for Legion. Fixed updating Artifact Knowle...
[Legion] Core/System: rewrite magnet auras to Proc
[Legion] Revert part of change target in proc function
[Legion] Rewrite magnet auras
[Legion] Core/Auras: start fix magnet + send dage after proc(not before)
[Legion] BG-Wintergrasp: Tenacity increase health regen
[Legion] Clean ovveride aura
[Legion] Clean spell.cpp
[Legion] Warrior/dk: Anger managment + red thrist
[Legion] Core/General: Fix warnings.